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The Adaptable Data Center® (ADC) improves your business’ IT agility and efficiency by providing an evolving approach to your data center. Through the Adaptable Data Center®, we help you ensure your data center leverages current and future trends for efficiency and improved economics.

The Adaptable Data Center® will not only help your business run more efficiently and cost effective in today’s IT world, it will also shine light on the optimal pathways into your IT future.

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CMI’s Client Centered Mission

CMI’s mission is to be a client-driven Solutions Provider that delivers services and technology to develop the most secure, innovative and adaptable data center strategies available. We’ve thrived for 40 years by prioritizing our Client’s needs first as we view trust and long-term client relationships as our greatest currency – when our Clients see CMI as a trusted extension of their own teams rather than a vendor, we have achieved our mission.

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"We have had access and benefited from the expertise of CMI staff without incurring the cost of permanent hires.  The periodic advice of a CIO who understands our needs is invaluable and cost effective."

Sandra L., CEO - Medical Services Company

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"CMI did an amazing job in handling so many moving parts, and still pulled through & delivered on time and within budget. They are dedicated and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Rishi S., Director of IT, National Co-Lo Provider

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"We called CMI, a trusted IBM technology partner, to help build an architecture that would harness our business information flow and provide us with that competitive edge."

Don C.,  Sr. Manager - IT Infrastructure  National Beverage Retailer

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"CMI is a trusted partner for us – in both strategic and tactical planning.  While we know they sell products we appreciate their advisory role and feel that their Executive Counseling and Planning Support adds real value to our enterprise."

Bill M., VP – Finance for a Construction-centric Bay Area Company