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4 Big Steps For Storage/Data Management

Efficient and Cost Effective Storage/Data Management Your enterprise accumulates data faster than Santa’s bag fills with toys in preparation for Christmas Eve. Santa knows how to access these gifts and how to best manage them; can you say the same for your data in storage? Here are 4 Steps to consider ensuring efficiency and cost […]


Digitization of Healthcare &Impacts on Multi-Cloud Security

vArmour and CMI Support Healthcare Technology By Jeff Guenthner, CMI, & Dean Hickman-Smith, vArmour Like many industries, healthcare is undergoing a full digitization – from actual services provided to electronic patient records. This trend is being driven by: customer expectations for digital healthcare services (75% of patients, according to McKinsey), new industry regulations (i.e. HITECH), […]

Security Strategy Options

Best of Breed vs. Integrated Security Strategies Best of breed versus integrated solutions are the two choices you can make when you are selecting your security strategy. Both have merits and challenges. Selecting the appropriate security strategy is a critical key to managing risks and protecting your data. It is so critical that lack of […]

Flash Is Solid State Strong

How Flash Has Stood the Test of Time Do you take notes still? Maybe on paper with a pen because it helps you retain information better. Or do you prefer the digital experience of typing the words out but still getting the same experience of still taking notes? I just purchased a new monitor and […]