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IBM Interconnect 2016

The relegation to irrelevancy that has been predicted for IBM may be a bit premature. IBM is still big enough and relevant enough to draw nearly 25,000 Information Technology professionals to their annual Interconnect conference in Las Vegas.

IT for Business Driven Outcomes

The CMI Adaptable Data Center® Framework is designed to help I.T. Executives successfully deal with today’s challenges in a way that sets the stage for solving tomorrow’s challenges. It helps I.T. Executives move into the role of “Brokers of Capabilities” in which they can leverage their base platform (of people, process and technology) …

Make Employees Your Top IT Security Asset

We have a great suite of Security Technology Solutions that are highly rated by Gartner and solve problems for our customers. In our view, having a comprehensive Security Technology Strategy and executing on that strategy are fundamentally critical success factors for enterprises.