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Giving Thanks

As we approach Thanksgiving, I take a moment to appreciate all that makes CMI what it is today. While our Clients and our solution portfolio will never stop evolving, it amazes me that even after 40 years, much remains the same. We’re still obsessively driven by our overarching mission, serving our Clients in a spirit of long-term partnership and mutual success.

Giving Thanks

First and foremost, I want to thank you, our Clients, long term, new and everyone in-between, for your partnership and trust in CMI.   Our mission is truly Client centered and we wouldn’t be here today, 38 years strong, if it wasn’t for you.


IT – The Heart Of Your Enterprise

If the human body was the equivalent to your enterprise, IT would be the heart pumping blood to the entire system. If we were discussing healthcare, we would add positive habits for heart health and disease prevention. The IT equivalent of heart health care is security and QRadar is your healthy habit for threat and security breach prevention.