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Cyber-Security Gaining Maturity

Moving from Sanctioned to Secured to Successful We are in the midst of the presidential campaign journey and one thing remains constant, many campaign strategists feel we are moved most fervently when we are scared.  Regardless of your political persuasion, fear and scare tactics abound. Transition this to how enterprises are approached by most security […]

Applications in the Adaptable Data Center®

Adaptable Applications for your Enterprise Applications are an extension of business process and user collaboration and the application layer in the Adaptable Data Center® (ADC) has multiple perspectives and impacts. The first aspect is the type of applications. Applications can be divided into two broad categories; process oriented like ERP and order to cash application […]

Moving Beyond Compliance-based Security

The “R” in GRC Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) was the darling three-letter acronym in the security space for the last 10 years. While GRC presents three important concepts, many enterprises spent the majority of their time focusing on Compliance over the other two. The focus on Compliance was justified as Congress and other […]

How Adaptable is your Data Center?

Adaptable Data Center Assessment Tool We introduced the concept of the Adaptable Data Center (ADC) a few weeks ago and have extended thoughts in recent blogs. Conversations and feedback we have had with CIOs have continued to validate the ADC framework as a structure for understanding how to calculate and improve capacity planning and cost […]