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Driving Security

Being connected or being protected – the hope is one day we won’t have to choose! As technology evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, security is often an afterthought for many organizations.  Security breaches occur on a daily basis, resulting in data jeopardy and potentially negative publicity.


Leveraging Hyper-Convergence

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop-oriented service that hosts user desktop environments on servers and/or blade PCs. I recall having conversations with clients 4-5 years ago around VDI, when many predicted that it’d be the next big thing in IT efficiency.


Security in the Cloud – A Primer for IT Leaders

Last week, our Chief Technology Officer John Wondolowski announced in his latest blog post the exciting launch of our new enterprise IT security practice. We look forward to offer our capabilities to add value and bring peace of mind to all of our valued clients (especially in light of the recent security-related incidents involving prominent firms such as The Home Depot, Anthem, and Sony Pictures).