Your enterprise accumulates data faster than Santa’s bag fills with toys in preparation for Christmas Eve. Santa knows how to access these gifts and how to best manage them; can you say the same for your data in storage?

Like many industries, healthcare is undergoing a full digitization – from actual services provided to electronic patient records. This trend is being driven by: customer expectations for digital healthcare services …

Ever find it difficult to communicate with someone? How about communicating with multiple people in multiple locations with disparate interests?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a utility service that could ease communication between you and other parties regardless of who, what or where?

John Wondolowski, CTO at CMI, discussed in his recent blog how the CMI Adaptable Data Center® framework is based upon an Enterprise platform that fuses together legacy I.T. assets with future I.T. assets. It can also securely and seamlessly leverage cloud-based services.