A Look at a Comprehensive Security Program

Long before companies hit the headlines for security breaches, you knew information security was important.  Your company installed firewalls and the assumption was your data was protected.  Companies currently in the headlines all thought they were protected.  What do you do now?  CMI has developed a comprehensive, three phased approach for working with companies to help assure they are not the next Scottrade, UCLA Medical Center or Sony.  The three phases are:

  1. CyberSecurity – Preparedness Assessment
  2. CyberSafety – Enterprise Change Program
  3. CyberService – Enterprise Technology Fabric


CyberService Grphx

All three phases fall within the Governance/Risk Management/Compliance portion of CMI’s Adaptable Data Center framework.

CyberSecurity – A Preparedness Assessment is key with cybersecurity. Completion of an assessment in this phase will help you understand where your organization is relative to established information security frameworks.  If you are in the Healthcare industry, this framework is called HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance).  Organizations outside of the Healthcare industry follow an information security framework established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Results from the assessment will provide you with a documented current state, a declared desired state based on your business and risk objectives, and prioritized, actionable items for improving your risk management position.  This assessment establishes aligns your organization, provides a roadmap for remediation, and a baseline for measuring your progress moving forward.

CyberSafety – The focus is on people and process.  There are security training programs that will help you make your employees “less of a problem;” however, we feel it is more important to make your employees an “asset” in protecting your organization’s data.  CMI has partnered with Emerson Human Capital Consulting, Inc. in order to implement such an impactful program.  The end game is to transform users into stewards of your data, moving them from liabilities to security assets.  It will embed Cybersafety into the culture and values of the organization through the key tenants of accountability and trust.  A continuous and consistent effort across the organization will result in measurable improvement and improved security.

CyberService – Enterprise Technology Fabric focuses on the tools that provide a secure, managed platform to stop, protect, safeguard and optimize your organization.  Secure Information and Event Management (SIEM), end-point protection, mobile, cloud, database are representative areas that need to be addressed to have a truly comprehensive security fabric. There are many point solutions in the security space, and it is important to find architecture, design and tools that integrate well, and through integration, expand the value of these security solutions.

Incorporating all three phases provides a comprehensive approach to addressing security challenges within your organization.  Each organization is different and at varying security maturity levels.  Let CMI help you determine how these three phases make sense for your organization and insure that published stories about your company are about the quality of your products, services and growing business.

Leasing the ADC

Leasing IT equipment, software and services can be a sensible alternative to cash purchases for certain organizations. At CMI, we aim to help Clients make intelligent IT purchasing decisions by offering a wide range of financing options to help ease the capital outlay as they build out their next generation Adaptable Data Centers® (ADC). By partnering with top financing firms, CMI can assist credit worthy Clients with flexible financing solutions that not only protect cash on the balance sheet, but also protect IT investments.

ADC-LeasingEven as corporations continue to stock pile cash at record levels, Clients are increasingly choosing to lease their IT products and services. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Obsolescence Protection
    Leasing provides flexibility and nimbleness by allowing Clients to upgrade their IT environments with the latest technology in the middle or at the end of the lease; thus mitigating obsolescence risk with potentially no change to monthly payments.
  • Optimize Cash Flow
    No appetite for absorbing large upfront IT purchases? Leasing helps contain upfront expenditures and allows organizations to spread cost over the duration of the lease. Periodic payments also help better align project costs to anticipated benefits over time.
  • Better Liquidity
    Leasing helps conserve cash reserves, increase liquidity, and frees up lines of credit for strategic investments, growth initiatives and other essential business operations.
  • Increased Predictability
    By paying over time, organizations maintain a more predictable spending pattern with fixed payment schedules. Making monthly payments over the life of the lease allows organizations to stay within their budgets and limit unanticipated expenditures.

Regardless of your situation, leasing is a good option to explore when considering your next IT purchase. Our mission at CMI is to serve as obsessive advocates for our Clients in all aspects of their data center. This includes working with you on how to best procure the IT solutions that will help your organization construct a truly Adaptable Data Center®.

Application Development Becomes Adaptable Development

AAdobeStock_49686344s data centers flex to adapt to the growing interest of public and private cloud integration, applications will need to become ‘adaptable.’ Though business rules and requirements will continue to direct data flow and logic, a growing list of integration platforms for popular solutions and standard practices are being put into hybrid data centers for on-prem and cloud integration. These data center interfaces exist on network or the cloud to perform the transfer of data. The data center needs to be adaptable and this is where you can change your Application Development (AppDev) to Adaptable Development (AdapDev) to make your data center even more valuable.

Extending the functionality of your data center can be accomplished through AppDev flexes that are adaptable to modify, enhance and tweak data center anomalies. These anomalies cause gaps and logic omissions which can be filled by Adaptable Development and it is made possible by building scripts, plug-ins and add-ons to make adaptations. Making your development adaptable takes typical anomalies, such as workflow, scope, presentation and database usage, and fills in the gaps to adapt to your enterprises needs.

While out-of-box solutions can be helpful, sometimes the solution is to adapt outside of the data center box. Opportunities for custom interfaces exist when an out-of-box solution just isn’t available. These custom interfaces are geared for expanding applications to fit into the Adaptable Data Center®. The flexibility of AdapDev allows for innovation deployed using tools, techniques and standards as add-ons to extend applications within the Adaptable Data Center® and within your enterprise.

As the leader in interface innovation, CMI is well positioned to service applications and databases either in or out of the data center. Our team of technicians and business partners provide Adaptable Development for your data center requirements. Enterprise applications adapting to keep your data centers functioning alongside fast pace changes in technology far into the future. This is the framework what will help your company to succeed within adaptable innovation.

Message from the President/CEO of CMI
By Steve Giondomenica

As I consider CMI in its 38th year, we are blessed to enjoy the continued trust and partnership with our Clients, Partners and the CMI Team. This is indeed a blessing as the turmoil in our industry is huge. Change in IT is a constant and revolutionary change turns many a business model and many IT strategies upside down. At CMI, we not only embrace change and growth within our industry, we are driving it into the future. Two pivotal steps within our growth process are underway and I wanted to speak to them with you today; the Adaptable Data Center and the M5.

CMI’s primary mission is to assist clients in finding clarity in their IT strategy and choices. In that spirit, we’ve been fast at work building the framework of the Adaptable Data Center – an endless, constantly evolving approach to ensuring our client’s data centers leverage current and future trends for efficiency, improved economics and business agility. The Adaptable Data Center will not only help an enterprise run more efficiently and cost effectively in today’s IT world, but will also shine light on the optimal pathway’s into IT’s future.

The foundation for our second pivotal step, the M5 Consortium, is leveraging the talent and solutions of four Partner companies who share CMI’s values and commitment to customer satisfaction. Having known the owners for 10 years, we’ve developed immense trust and collaboration and we formalized our partnership in 2015. Between the five companies, we serve 2,500 clients in 44 states, providing $250M of IT HW, SW and Services annually. Additionally, the M5 owns 5 data centers which provide everything from co-lo to IaaS and PaaS. Perhaps, best of all, the M5 provides a bench of engineers and solutions with 400 plus employees who carry the same DNA you’ve come to expect from CMI, namely integrity, quality and commitment to you as a true partner.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see more from CMI regarding how the Adaptable Data Center’s framework and the M5 Consortium are serving our clients as they formulate long term IT strategy. Whether you are a new client who has been with CMI for a short time or a client we have had the honor to work with for decades, we thank you immensely and I commit there is far more to come. Best of all, you can be assured that as CMI leads IT change, we will always build upon the existing foundation of trust, integrity and partnership you’ve come to expect.