The CMI Adaptable Data Center® Framework is designed to help I.T. Executives successfully deal with today’s challenges in a way that sets the stage for solving tomorrow’s challenges. It helps I.T. Executives move into the role of “Brokers of Capabilities” in which they can leverage their base platform (of people, process and technology) …

Long before companies hit the headlines for security breaches, you knew information security was important.  Your company installed firewalls and the assumption was your data was protected. 

Leasing IT equipment, software and services can be a sensible alternative to cash purchases for certain organizations. At CMI, we aim to help Clients make intelligent IT purchasing decisions by offering a wide range of financing options to help ease the capital outlay as they build out their next generation Adaptable Data Centers® (ADC).

As data centers flex to adapt to the growing interest of public and private cloud integration, applications will need to become ‘adaptable.’ Though business rules and requirements will continue to direct data flow and logic