As I consider CMI in its 38th year, we are blessed to enjoy the continued trust and partnership with our Clients, Partners and the CMI Team. This is indeed a blessing as the turmoil in our industry is huge. Change in IT is a constant and revolutionary change turns many a business model and many IT strategies upside down

We introduced the concept of the Adaptable Data Center (ADC) a few weeks ago and have extended thoughts in recent blogs. Conversations and feedback we have had with CIOs have continued to validate the ADC framework as a structure for understanding how to calculate and improve capacity planning and cost to serve operational efficiencies and business value agility.

At CMI, we have the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients. Through that lens I am able to observe I.T. Organizations across industries and in various sizes of enterprises. I have been around Enterprise I.T. for many years and in that time I have had responsibility for shaping a company’s I.T. capabilities during significant advancement/changes in the underlying technology stack.

The cornerstone of the Adaptable Data Center® architecture on premise is infrastructure. The decisions you make within your infrastructure have a direct impact on your ability to deliver the outcomes that the business demands. The first platform was monolith server/storage platforms, dominated by IBM’s mainframe (by the way still a $5B business for IBM).