Imagine you just received this email: “Your data is now locked and encrypted.”  Accompanied by a link for ransom payment, it continues: “Any attempt to recover your data will lead to its immediate destruction.”  What would you do?

As companies leverage the cloud in various forms such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, your company needs assurance that the cloud provider has strong security for its offering. Cloud provider compliance programs are your company’s first steps in evaluating the maturity of the cloud provider’s security.

You have read about it at length online, in the media, and in our blog posts: security threats are real and every enterprise needs to protect itself. One method of applying security to your enterprise is through securing endpoints, a point of vulnerability or a porthole that, if left open, can expose the entire network to disaster.

If the human body was the equivalent to your enterprise, IT would be the heart pumping blood to the entire system. If we were discussing healthcare, we would add positive habits for heart health and disease prevention. The IT equivalent of heart health care is security and QRadar is your healthy habit for threat and security breach prevention.