For the past 30+ years, CMI has given back to communities in various ways.

This year, CMI teamed up with Alameda Point Collaborative (APC), a supportive housing community that helps families and individuals break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I take a moment to appreciate all that makes CMI what it is today. While our Clients and our solution portfolio will never stop evolving, it amazes me that even after 40 years, much remains the same. We’re still obsessively driven by our overarching mission, serving our Clients in a spirit of long-term partnership and mutual success.

More than 50 CIOs attended the CMI January CIO Roundtable. The group has continued to grow in membership ever since we launched the East Bay CIO Roundtable in 2013.

As CMI wraps up its 38th year in business, we look back and think about all we are grateful for. We are grateful for our work with all our clients—past and present; our stellar team members—past and present; our current collaboration with our M5 partners; and for those around us who have helped over the years in ways large and small…