First and foremost, I want to thank you, our Clients, long term, new and everyone in-between, for your partnership and trust in CMI.   Our mission is truly Client centered and we wouldn’t be here today, 38 years strong, if it wasn’t for you.

Being connected or being protected – the hope is one day we won’t have to choose! As technology evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, security is often an afterthought for many organizations.  Security breaches occur on a daily basis, resulting in data jeopardy and potentially negative publicity.

Leasing IT equipment, software and services can be a sensible alternative to cash purchases for certain organizations. At CMI, we aim to help Clients make intelligent IT purchasing decisions by offering a wide range of financing options to help ease the capital outlay as they build out their next generation Adaptable Data Centers® (ADC).

As I consider CMI in its 38th year, we are blessed to enjoy the continued trust and partnership with our Clients, Partners and the CMI Team. This is indeed a blessing as the turmoil in our industry is huge. Change in IT is a constant and revolutionary change turns many a business model and many IT strategies upside down