Message from the President/CEO of CMI
By Steve Giondomenica

As I consider CMI in its 38th year, we are blessed to enjoy the continued trust and partnership with our Clients, Partners and the CMI Team. This is indeed a blessing as the turmoil in our industry is huge. Change in IT is a constant and revolutionary change turns many a business model and many IT strategies upside down. At CMI, we not only embrace change and growth within our industry, we are driving it into the future. Two pivotal steps within our growth process are underway and I wanted to speak to them with you today; the Adaptable Data Center and the M5.

CMI’s primary mission is to assist clients in finding clarity in their IT strategy and choices. In that spirit, we’ve been fast at work building the framework of the Adaptable Data Center – an endless, constantly evolving approach to ensuring our client’s data centers leverage current and future trends for efficiency, improved economics and business agility. The Adaptable Data Center will not only help an enterprise run more efficiently and cost effectively in today’s IT world, but will also shine light on the optimal pathway’s into IT’s future.

The foundation for our second pivotal step, the M5 Consortium, is leveraging the talent and solutions of four Partner companies who share CMI’s values and commitment to customer satisfaction. Having known the owners for 10 years, we’ve developed immense trust and collaboration and we formalized our partnership in 2015. Between the five companies, we serve 2,500 clients in 44 states, providing $250M of IT HW, SW and Services annually. Additionally, the M5 owns 5 data centers which provide everything from co-lo to IaaS and PaaS. Perhaps, best of all, the M5 provides a bench of engineers and solutions with 400 plus employees who carry the same DNA you’ve come to expect from CMI, namely integrity, quality and commitment to you as a true partner.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see more from CMI regarding how the Adaptable Data Center’s framework and the M5 Consortium are serving our clients as they formulate long term IT strategy. Whether you are a new client who has been with CMI for a short time or a client we have had the honor to work with for decades, we thank you immensely and I commit there is far more to come. Best of all, you can be assured that as CMI leads IT change, we will always build upon the existing foundation of trust, integrity and partnership you’ve come to expect.