With consistent news around breaches, attacks and incidents, it should not come as a surprise that cybersecurity  skills are heavily in demand. Yet even with the persistent need for these cybersecurity skills, there is a perpetual deficit of qualified candidates. CMI’s CTO, John Wondolowski, wrote about IBM’s Interconnect Conference and addressed the cybersecurity  skills gap around IBM’s acquisition of Resilient.

When you choose Enterprise Information Technology for your career you virtually guarantee two constants in your work life:

1. There will be a continuous inflow of new ideas and new technologies that will be important and disruptive.
2. You will be so busy with your job that finding the time to review, understand and assimilate those new ideas and technologies will be very difficult.

The RSA Conference just wrapped up at Moscone Center in San Francisco. A record number of attendees (around 35,000) flocked to the Halls where hundreds of vendors pitched their new (and some not so new) Cyber Security products and solutions.

The relegation to irrelevancy that has been predicted for IBM may be a bit premature. IBM is still big enough and relevant enough to draw nearly 25,000 Information Technology professionals to their annual Interconnect conference in Las Vegas.