Adaptable Data Center Assessment Tool

We introduced the concept of the Adaptable Data Center (ADC) a few weeks ago and have extended thoughts in recent blogs. Conversations and feedback we have had with CIOs have continued to validate the ADC framework as a structure for understanding how to calculate and improve capacity planning and cost to serve operational efficiencies and business value agility. We would like to add further value to this ADC validation and offer you a way to determine just how adaptable your data center is.

We have discovered that one way to use the ADC framework is to assess how “adaptable” your organization is today and to identify areas for improvement so you can drive greater efficiencies and agility into your organization. To this end, we developed an ADC Assessment Tool. The purpose of the Assessment Tool is to start the journey of recognizing the current state of your organization, declaring a desired state based on time, resources and budget and to align your organization to an ADC roadmap.

Why bother assessing your organization? John Wondolowski, CMI CTO, outlined a compelling argument in his latest blog “Balancing Cost/Quality with Agility/Innovation.” Being able to accurately calculate the true “cost to serve” financials, while finding an accurate capacity modeling for service delivery, is an aspiration for many CIOs. John makes the point that “working toward the objective of delivering high-quality and reliable systems at the lowest possible cost is a vital business requirement, but aligning with the business strategies by building innovative and agile technology stacks will add tremendous value to an enterprise.” To this end, John points to two areas: “First, the I.T. Executive should have an accurate financial model on how their services are delivered. I call this ‘calculating the cost to serve.’” and “The second component to successfully maturing and evolving is to use those underlying financial models to be able to create accurate scenarios for meeting new demand (capacity planning).” ADC is one tool to help in finding and delivering the optimal balance at any point in time.

For a review on the ADC model, please read my previous blog post, “Adaptable Data Center – Built for Growth”. CMI developed the “Adaptable Data Center” reference model to assist in understanding the issues and how the many different data center components work together. There is no special magic to the model, rather it is an approach to add disciplined insights when making important decisions regarding data center architecture, design and cost to serve capacity planning.

Adaptable Data Center

The ADC Assessment Tool presented below is a continuum on which you will score where your company stands in each area. Each area is relative to any organizations business needs and directions. This tool was developed to highlight indicators for areas of change.

ADC Assessment Tool


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CMI invites you to review the Assessment Tool with your enterprise. We also welcome dialog regarding how we can improve and extend this model to make it more relevant to your organization.

In addition, we are offering to join you in a working session to use the ADC Assessment Tool to evaluate your organization. The intent is to validate areas working well and identify areas for improvement. By partnering with CMI, we will work together to increase how adaptable your data center truly is.

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