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CMI White Paper Makes Technical Case for Virtual Ethernet

Bay Area Firm Dives Deep Into Money-Saving Technology

[September 12th, 2012. Mill Valley, CA] – Chouinard & Myhre, Inc (CMI) today released their latest “CMI Technical White Paper” aimed at making a strong technical case for the money-saving topic of Ethernet network virtualization.

CMI’s Sr. Solutions Architect, Lance Hawkes wrote the White Paper, which delves deep into the technical nuances of IBM’s Power-based virtual Ethernet technology.

The result is a solid survey of the technical aspects of deploying and leveraging this technology to virtualize aspects of an organization’s network. Using real-world cases of network virtualization, and detailed examples from tech bellwether IBM, the White Paper does a fine job of explaining this high-tech solution in terms any CIO or CTO will find accessible.

“CTO’s and CIO’s know that spending on their organization’s network infrastructure has exploded in recent years,” said CMI’s CTO, Kris Neely. “At the same time, virtualization of server and storage devices, just to name two examples, has also become a regular part of day-to-day infrastructure planning. So it is important to communicate with technical staff members as to the use cases of Ethernet, and Lance has done a terrific job of doing just that with this White Paper.”

Neely went on, “Lance is a former IT Manager, and he has a great eye not only for detail, but also for how technologies are really deployed in the ‘real world.’ He also pulled together some solid graphics and illustrations which speed the understanding of virtual Ethernet technology at work. Net result, a clear-cut White Paper that cuts through all the speech-making about the why’s and where fore’s of Ethernet virtualization and instead frames the discussion in technical terms any network or infrastructure engineer can understand.”


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