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CMI White Paper Says Strategy as Important as Tech in Data Center Optimization

Bay Area Tech Firm Makes Strong Case for Starting DC Planning with Strategy

[November 19, 2012. Mill Valley, CA] – Chouinard & Myhre, Inc (CMI) today released another in their new line of “CMI Business Brief” White Papers, this one zeroing-in on one of the most complex issues in information technology (IT): data center optimization.

With a target audience of C-Suite executives, this CMI White Paper lays out key issues every CFO, CEO, and CIO needs to think about when looking to squeeze the best performance (and maximum budget dollar) out of the data center.

However, this White Paper is not just a recitation of feeds-and-speeds in a data center environment. Rather, it focuses on five key areas CMI positions as critical to maximizing today’s data centers: server and storage virtualization technologies; converged infrastructure systems; cloud computing; data center management software, and “green” technologies that can reduce energy costs and reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

What follows is a concise, well thought-out description of each of the five topic areas, spelled-out in business rather than ‘techy’ terms.

“Today’s data centers face unprecedented usage parameters and pressures,” said CMI’s CTO, Kris Neely. “Pick a metric: the impact of cloud computing; the need for 24x7x365 system and application access; or the degree of virtualization at work in today’s data centers, which can create a more complex management headache than ‘traditional’ solutions. Any way you look at it, today’s data center managers need all the help and guidance they can get in maximizing the cost-effective performance of their data centers. This White Paper helps address that need.”


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