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New CMI White Paper Highlights Data Center Efficiencies Through Flash Storage

Tech Firm Highlights Benefits of High Efficiency Data Storage

[August 22, 2013. Mill Valley, CA] – Chouinard & Myhre, Inc (CMI) today released their latest “CMI Business Brief White Paper” on a trend in Data Center Infrastructure exploring the values and efficiencies of solid state drive (SSD) flash storage management.

Jeff Guenthner, CMI’s Director of Solution Architecture, outlines how flash storage solutions help control storage management costs and data center footprint. Targeting C-Suite executives, the paper makes a case for cost-reduction through lower maintenance and licensing costs.

The result is a potent, focused summary of many key business and financial drivers associated with increasing storage needs. Examples are based on real-world scenarios, considered, and approachable.

“Flash storage is a component every CIO should be considering as a portion of their overall storage management needs.” said CMI Chief Technology Officer, John Wondolowski. “The advantages of utilizing non-mechanized, nonvolatile storage versus traditional hard disk in the data center are numerous, not the least of which are cost savings in reduced infrastructure. CMI clients are implementing flash solutions into their storage blueprints with no downtime and increased performance.”

Kevin Weston, President of Float Hybrid Entertainment and former CFO at Digital Domain, agrees and cites a case for flash storage in his endorsement of the white paper as the technology applies to cost-reduction and higher efficiencies especially in today’s uber-storage environment.

This White Paper makes a compelling case for implementing a flash solution that maximizes efficiencies and delivers in terms of performance.


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