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Joint CMI/Skyview Partners White Paper Tackles How Much I.T. Security is Enough

Industry Leading Firms Tackle I.T. Security Business Case

[May 31, 2012. Mill Valley, CA] – Chouinard & Myhre, Inc (CMI) today released their latest “CMI Business Brief White Paper” and the paper’s topic, “Protecting Your Data: How Much Security is Enough?” is timely in today’s world.

The paper is written by industry veteran and security guru Carol Woodbury, President of Skyview Partners, and features additional commentary by CMI’s CTO, Kris Neely and former Digital Domain Productions CFO Kevin Weston.

The White Paper is a solid assessment of a key issue in today’s wired world: do I have enough security of my I.T. resources and if not what should I be thinking about to achieve adequate levels of protection?

Starting with an analysis of security and regulatory compliance, and moving-on to discussions covering important issues such as data integrity and data confidentiality, the White Paper does a fine job of highlighting these high-tech topics in terms any CEO or CFO will find accessible.

“CFO’s know that security is more important than ever. Whether it’s foreign hackers or disgruntled employees, security is on every exec’s radar these days,” said CMI’s CTO, Kris Neely. “Carol has done a terrific job of cutting to the core of the IT security and business issues used as examples in this White Paper in a focused manner CFOs and CEOs will appreciate.”

A similar level of appreciation for the focus, business acumen, and attention to detail of the White Paper was expressed by veteran CFO Kevin Weston, former CFO at Digital Domain Productions.


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