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CMI Digs Into Security Compliance Costs With Latest White Paper

Tech Firm Teams with SkyView Partners to Reveal Hidden Costs of Compliance

[April 18, 2012. Mill Valley, CA] – Chouinard & Myhre, Inc (CMI) today released their latest “CMI Business Brief White Paper” in partnership with noted I.T. security firm SkyView Partners. The paper details the hidden costs of I.T. security compliance — or lack thereof.

With a target audience of C-Suite executives, SkyView President John Vandewall authored the core of the CMI/SkyView White Paper. In addition, the paper contains a personal perspective section by CMI’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Kris Neely; and a Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) perspective by former Digital Domain CFO Kevin Weston.

The result is a potent, focused summary of many key business and financial drivers associated with I.T. security compliance. Examples are perceptive, real world, judicious, and approachable.

“The Wednesday March 28th, 2012 edition of The Wall Street Journal contains a quote from the executive assistant director of the FBI, Shawn Henry, saying about the war with hackers, “You never get ahead, never become secure, never have a reasonable expectation of privacy or security.” Mr. Henry goes on to say that, in the war against computer hackers, “We’re not winning.” At CMI and at SkyView Partners, we take comments like that seriously, and that led to our jointly releasing this White Paper.” said CMI’s CTO, Kris Neely.

Neely went on, “Security Compliance is a C-Suite-level discussion and any firm that believes it is “just an I.T.-level topic” is fooling themselves, badly. As John Vanderwall says in the paper, “The hidden cost of administering security and dealing with problems revealed during the compliance process is yet another problem that management must address.”

Adding in an experienced voice like Kevin Weston, former CFO at Digital Domain, helps ground this White Paper, and the security compliance discussion it contains, in solid business reality.


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SkyView Partners was founded by John Vanderwall and Carol Woodbury. Since its inception it has grown to become a global leader in security policy compliance software and services, particularly in the IBM AIX and IBM i5/OS arenas. To find-out more about SkyView Partners, their products, and services, please visit www.skyviewpartners.com