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New CMI White Paper Highlights Large Potential Savings with Virtual Ethernet

Tech Firm Makes Strong Business Case for Saving Thousands With Innovative Technology

[June 29, 2012. Mill Valley, CA] – Chouinard & Myhre, Inc (CMI) today released their latest “CMI Business Brief White Paper” on a network technology topic that has not heretofore received a lot of media attention: Virtual Ethernet.

With a target audience of C-Suite executives, CMI’s Director of Professional Services, Alexander Price, lays out a solid, business-oriented explanation of what Virtual Ethernet networking is, how it works, and how it differs from more ‘traditional’ physical Ethernet networking.

The result is a potent, focused summary of many key business and financial drivers associated with I.T. security compliance. Examples are based on real-world scenarios, considered, and approachable.

“I’ve used Virtual Ethernet before, in actual business situations, and this White Paper is something the tech market needs to see. Virtual Ethernet is a real ‘game changer’ – even at the risk of using that somewhat overused phrase.” said CMI Chief Technology Officer, Kris Neely. “Imagine, for example, being able to eliminate racks of network switches, the cabling that goes with them, the racks themselves, the security concerns of people hacking into the physical network with software, the HVAC costs, 99% of the labor costs (and replacing what’s left with lower cost computer operations vs. network engineering labor), just for a start. And the best part is, the software that makes all this possible – well, in many cases CMI’s clients already own the software, they just don’t know it! That’s a story worth telling and reading about.”

Kevin Weston, former CFO at Digital Domain, agrees and his portion of the White Paper helps anchor its business case in solid corporate reality.

In a world where organizations are looking for every opportunity to cut costs and improve organizational efficiencies, this White Paper makes a compelling case for what appears to be a highly under-valued technology: Virtual Ethernet.


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