Ever find it difficult to communicate with someone? How about communicating with multiple people in multiple locations with disparate interests?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a utility service that could ease communication between you and other parties regardless of who, what or where?

If the human body was the equivalent to your enterprise, IT would be the heart pumping blood to the entire system. If we were discussing healthcare, we would add positive habits for heart health and disease prevention. The IT equivalent of heart health care is security and QRadar is your healthy habit for threat and security breach prevention.

There are always technology zealots in Enterprise I.T. who will readily debate the virtues of any technical solution (new or old). However, nobody can debate or argue the fact that Flash Storage is faster than traditional Spinning Disk Storage.

At CMI, we have the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients. Through that lens I am able to observe I.T. Organizations across industries and in various sizes of enterprises. I have been around Enterprise I.T. for many years and in that time I have had responsibility for shaping a company’s I.T. capabilities during significant advancement/changes in the underlying technology stack.